Leasehold Enfranchisement

Leasehold enfranchisement work remains a highly specialist field. Indeed it is arguably becoming moreso as the many and varied problems associated with leasehold ownership continue to challenge the valuer.

Barry Passmore BSc (Hons)
I have close to forty years of professional experience as a chartered valuation surveyor. For the last twenty of those I have been primarily engaged with leasehold work; statutory new leases, informal extensions and collective freehold enfranchisement acquisitions. When acting for my leaseholder clients I have represented them in dispute with the vast majority of the largest and most powerful freeholders in the country including the following:
  • Grainger
  • Grosvenor Estate
  • Cadogan Estate
  • Howard de Walden Estate
  • Phillimore Estate
  • John Lyons
  • Church Commissioners
  • The Crown Estate
  • Freshwater
  • Daejan
  • Pier Management
  • Phyllis Court Club
  • A plethora of private freeholders

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There are of course a number of surveyors who specialise in this work. What sets us apart from many of my fellow professionals, however, is our ability to act as estate agents. This is an invaluable advantage and can frequently be the key that extricates our clients from their otherwise overwhelming lease issues.

All in all I have dealt with around 3,000 cases over these past twenty years and in doing so I have received numerous plaudits both from my clients and from my fellow professionals.

I have stood at tribunal on a number of occasions enjoying numerous successful outcomes a recent example of this being in Phyllis Court, Henley-on-Thames. In that particular case a landlord’s figure of £185,828 was set aside and the tribunal found for my significantly lower figure of £126,570 without adjustment representing a saving of close to £60,000 for my client. Included here are but a few examples of the testimonials that I have received, some specifically relating to leasehold enfranchisement work alone, others to a combination of lease-work and sales. There are many more. Do please be assured that they have been hard-earned and I have little personal regard for such algorithmic nonsense as Trustpilot and its ilk.

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Barbara Down

I am ably assisted in my work by Barbara Down. Barbara has worked alongside me now for over ten years as a specialist valuer and leasehold consultant. She is familiar with every aspect of this oft-times complex area of work and has a special interest in dealing with over-engineered ground rents that have become, or are in danger of becoming, unpalatable and onerous.


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